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Our Team is waiting for your call/email and will discuss your basic requirements, before organising a site visit.



A walk through your business will give us a detailed view of what needs to be done. It also allows us to highlight specific needs.



A tailored quote will be developed to document exactly what you need, taking your budget into consideration.



Once you have confirmed the quote details, we can take it from there. Soon you can enjoy a clean and tidy workplace. 

                                Commercial Cleaning                               

At 3 County Property Services we offer a highly competitive service that balances price and volume, but never cuts corners on quality. Our aim is to ensure your company gets quality cleaning at the best value for money, this allows you and your staff to just get on with business!

Our cleaning often includes additional tasks that generally get untouched by traditional companies, we run secondary schedules for example to cover inside kitchen equipment, storage cabinets and clean interior windows. Our teams consist of professional cleaners that are relatively well paid compared to many of our competitors, this shines through in the work they do.


Delivery schedules can vary from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even an annual deep clean. All client sites are audited by our dedicate customer success team... after the first clean... after one month... and every three months thereafter. Our three month follow-up may be by telephone but is frequently via a site inspection.

Following an initial visit, your office layout, plus all your specific requests and requirements, are formalised in our quotation. Once agreed, this document forms the basis of our agreement and is then used to provide the schedule for our cleaning team. We generally run a short termination period to ensure that if you feel we arn't delivering what we promised, you can move on quickly with no hassle.

Where do we clean?

Cleaning is often not given proper priority or resources. Shortcuts are taken, and things are overlooked. By keeping the workplace clean and pleasing for work, employees are more productive, give better service and even stay longer in their jobs. This clearly indicates that cleaning needs to take more of a priority. 3CPS has a lot of experience in office and commercial cleaning, so we can help your company to grow!

Offices & Commercial

3CPS can provide effective safe cleaning solutions for a variety of busy working environments. Services include removing all types of dirt, sweep, sanitizing and scrubbing, which is important for maintaining workflow and hygiene standards. Our cleaning program can be customized to fit your facility needs.

Industrial & Retail

Cost of cleaning and maintenance is a major concern for educational facilities. 3CPS can help you that, and also minimize the spread of germs and bacteria in an educational environment. This leads to a healthier, more productive environment for students, faculty, and staff. We can cover all facilities including, classrooms, changing rooms, toilets, washrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, art blocks, kitchens

Schools & Nurseries

Hotels are a home away from home, so hiring a good cleaning service is paramount.
Every room needs to be well dusted, and special attention to the bathroom, including toilet seats, showerheads, handles, also making sure all other items provided by the hotel are replaced. 3CPS offers everyday housekeeping of rooms.


Tenants and homeowners deserve a pristine communal area. You will never have to get along with the mud boot stains, that your lovely neighbour left behind.
3CPS can offer cleaning to stairs, corridors, wall and door marks, take the dust of handrails, skirting boards, hoover doormats, windows, cobwebs, rubbish areas.

Communal Areas

Reputation is all-important when choosing a healthcare cleaning service team. The company must provide cleaning and disinfecting strategies. 
3CPS can arrange a safe and reliable service to healthcare establishments, including labs, hospitals, clinics, medical offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation units and etc.

Medical & Dental Practices

Worship environments are very special, and due to all of the activities during the week, and the congregation moving through the church regularly, it tends to be quite challenging to maintain it tidy and clean. 3CPS can provide professional church cleaning services for religious institutions and facilities. Let us give a shine to your holy place!

Places of Worship

Keeping a caring environment clean is crucial at all times, which is why it’s so essential that each member of staff is aware of effective care home cleaning information and knows how to ensure that the environment remains as clean as possible. 3CPS can help you to ensure that your care environment is as clean and hygienic as possible.

Care Homes

It's all about a great buying experience, so a welcoming visitor environment, will reflect you as a business and brand. 
The 3CPS team can be flexible and tailor the cleaning requirements to your car showroom, delivering pleasant-smelling toilets, sparkling floors, fresh office spaces (where the magic happens) and well-presented foyers as well. 

Hospitality Venues & Gyms
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